In training

It’s only Tuesday, but I feel like the bulk of my week is over, because my two longest days are out of the way. I think it’s better this way, because now it’s smoother sailing until Friday afternoon, when I get to leave a little early to make up for the super long days.

I was planning to go to Rep Recycle after work, but I just didn’t have the strength to lift weights after teaching so much, so I decided to come home. This is usually an exercise death sentence for me, as I come home really intending to be active, but then… well, then I’m at home. Tonight was different, though, because I’ve gotten myself all pumped up about this 5k I want to do in a few weeks, so I decided to go out and enjoy a not completely freezing cold afternoon by doing a test 5k. I mapped out a newish route with Gmaps Pedometer and it was pretty awesome to actually run in neighborhoods and look at houses instead of running in a million circles at the park, or running nowhere on the treadmill. I do need to get some kind of late fall in Kansas-appropriate attire, though, especially if I’m actually going to pull it together and do this 5k.

Anyway, while I was out, Matt started dinner, which was penne with roasted tomatoes and white beans. It was awesome! The roasted tomatoes made the whole meal for me, but I think I’d make it with sun-dried tomatoes if I happened to be short on time.

Also, pasta is good for people who are “in training” right? Because, even though I only might do a 3.1 mile run/walk, saying that I’m “training” for a “race” makes it all feel that much more important.

Now I’m going to go watch some basketball and pretend there’s not a bag of peanut brittle calling me from the kitchen.


One Response to In training

  1. maggie says:

    Mmmm peanut brittle… I can never resist it.

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