I’ve got a new attitude.

I’m working on cultivating a positive attitude about Sunday nights. Right now, for instance, I am congratulating myself for doing about half of the things I so boldly claimed to the internet that I would do today. Good job, self. I blame it on this book, which I stayed up late reading and woke up early to finish, leaving me in some kind of sleep-deprived haze on the one day of the year when I am supposed to be extra well-rested.

After a long afternoon of errands, I did some grading and then started dinner. I made chicken cacciatore (Ellie Krieger’s recipe), which, for the record, I don’t recommend if you’re really tired, have a swollen knee, and/or feel like eating anytime soon. What I’m saying is that it took forever, and it was all up and down, up and down. I need to really focus on finding less active recipes for those kind of days. Or, I don’t know, actually reading the whole recipe before I get started. I’ll file those under 2009 resolutions.

I had a pretty small bowl because I was still full from lunch. We went to Wamego on a whim to eat at Toto’s Tacoz, only to find that the restaurant, along with much of Wamego, was closed. We ended up eating at a diner where I had a delicious omelet with a few home fries and some toast. Good, but greasy, and I’ve been full ever since. I didn’t even eat an afternoon snack. This is unprecedented.

Because of my knee being a little puffy and painful, I skipped my “run” today, but I’m hoping to get back on it tomorrow. I think the best part of my “training” is that, even though the 5k is two weeks from today, I still haven’t actually signed up for it. I think I’m afraid I’ll jinx myself. I should probably get on that, as I’m supposed to be raising money for it. Oops.


2 Responses to I’ve got a new attitude.

  1. Maggie says:

    Hope your knee feels better! I tend to walk when my knees are acting up.

  2. cile says:

    blog hopping 🙂 your blog is nice

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