I just had to ask Matt what day it was.

Obviously I couldn’t post last night, as I was very busy getting a television headache from watching history happen.

In order to stave off my election anxiety, I went to the gym after work to run AND go to Rep Recycle. I don’t know how I did both, except that I may have blacked out halfway through the third set of lunges, ultimately making the time pass more quickly. I came home starving and Matt wanted to take me out to eat because he is nice like that, but I couldn’t bear to go out in public because of the potential for political crying, so I threw together a fast dinner of pasta, turkey sausage, and veggies:


With cheese, obviously.

I was up way past my bedtime last night, waiting with bated breath to see if my beloved home state of North Carolina would go blue. I’m glad I didn’t stay up until they called it, like I planned to, because I’d still be up now. And in December, when they’re done counting all of the provisional ballots and such. They’ve unofficially called it, though.

Anyway, so today was a bit of a blur of sleepy me going to meetings and making webpages and hopefully I made sense in all of my verbal interactions. Though, reading back over this post, I have some doubts. Anyway, cooking was basically out of the question because it was stormy and I was paralyzed on the couch and our dishwasher (Matt) has been out of commission (tired), so there was nothing to cook with anyway. Which was all leading up to:


The return of the cheeseless pizza! I started small, because I was starving after work and mindlessly ate granola until Matt finally said “You know you have been eating out of the bag for five minutes, right? I thought you wanted to have dinner.” This would have been plenty of food after the dent I made in that Udi’s bag, but I just can’t say no to cheese sticks. So multiply the cheese bread there by about four, and I think I had another half slice of the pizza.  I have to say, it wasn’t as good as it used to be. And I think they had trouble finding our apartment, because it was cold.

Can I tell you about how there is a chance of snow showers overnight tomorrow? I mean, honestly. It was 78 earlier this week.

I may be taking a short break for a few days. I’m not sure. I kind of decided that as I was typing it. I have a lot of stuff to do and a limited amount of energy these days. I’ll be back soon!


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