I did it!

No food to be seen from our trip, although we did eat at Wa and Lidia’s and Whole Foods over the course of the weekend. Wa was good, as always, and I had tempura udon and an unagi eel roll. Then I exploded. At Lidia’s, I had the pasta tasting prix fixe meal, which included a salad, limitless supplies of three pastas of the day, and a dessert. I didn’t even make it through a full plate of pasta, for which Matt made fun of me mercilessly. The waitress assured me that only high school boys ever get a second plate. Anyway, I had plenty of pasta, so I really carbed up for my 5k.

This morning, I ran my first 5k and I’m so proud of myself. I took walk breaks, and the course was pretty hilly, but I still finished under my goal time of 35 minutes. I know that’s not actually very fast, but it is for me! I’m still waiting for my results to be posted, so I can see what my actual time is.

Matt did an excellent job of documenting the whole process. Here I am excited to register:


Here’s an action shot of me yelling “take this jacket!” as I approached the finish line. I did a really bad job of layering. It was really cold and windy when I got started but it took about .07 seconds for me to start burning up. Next time I’ll know.


See, there are people behind me!

After the race, there was free food like Smoothie King samples and fruit. And doughnuts. And brownies. I skipped the sweet stuff, as I wasn’t really in the mood to pound a brownie at 9:40am and with a body heat of 800 degrees. The smoothie samples were good, though. We ate at Whole Foods for lunch, and it was pretty great because I haven’t had the Whole Foods salad bar in years. You can say all you want about Whole Foods being corporate and weird for an organic grocery store (they are), but their salad bars are awesome. And they taste even better when the closest one is two hours away from your home. And, they have tempeh! Also, they had Z-Bars in blueberry AND apple cinnamon. It was like Christmas. I bought so many bars.

We came home to supportive messages left for me about the 5k. I would have taken a picture, but there’s no light in the hallway. Thanks, anonymous message leavers!

Okay, I think I’ll stop refreshing the empty race results page and go to sleep.


3 Responses to I did it!

  1. Donna says:

    You are teh awesomest!

  2. Livia says:

    You running people are awesome and totally amazing! On a side note: I used to work at a coffee shop that was close to a lake where races were often held. It always amazed me what people would order after running a marathon. “I need a triple, venti, breve, white chocolate mocha. Oh and put LOTS of whipped cream on it!” I was just waiting for one of them to pass out from caffeine/sugar/fat overload.

  3. Jenny says:

    Livia, it’s funny that you say that, because I actually really wanted a hot chocolate after it was over. I still don’t understand why.

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