Here’s the deal.

Okay, so. I had every intention of making some lovely minestrone tonight and sharing my Italian soup exploits with you, but the deal is that we may or may not have house guests. And I’m not trying to gross you out here, but by house guests, I mean rodents. We found one in an unfortunate situation on Saturday and my anxiety has been intensifying since then, so I’m afraid to cook until I feel sure that everything is safe. So we’ve got a disinfected kitchen, food in thick plastic or glass, and peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls everywhere (apparently peppermint is too intense for mice; and, as a bonus, our apartment smells minty fresh). I did a really poor job of organizing our food into the plastic containers, and it now takes me an hour to prepare my breakfast.

You haven’t missed anything. I still have a sore throat so it’s been dinner out every night just to eat soup. Maybe I’ll muster up my courage and cook tomorrow.

But, I’ll say this: I’m not letting a mouse ruin my Thanksgiving. I’ve got a pie to make.


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