Happy Thanksgiving!

We haven’t prepared a meal at home in almost a week, so a huge undertaking like Thanksgiving dinner was fraught with tension. I actually got started cooking about four hours later than planned due to a bout of crippling mouse-related anxiety on my part that ended with Matt disinfecting our counters for the tenth time. I am thankful for Matt.

So, after all of that, we ended up eating Thanksgiving “lunch” at 4:45, making it more of a linner. But it was really good, so I think it was worth the wait. I was going to take a picture of our lovely Thanksgiving table, but, sadly, we don’t have room for a table under normal circumstances, and in all of the frantic sanitizing, I forgot to go to the storage unit to get it for today. So what I’ll do is share pictures of the different things on my Thanksgiving plate. Which I ate on a tray. Which is almost a table.

Sorry there’s no “all together now” picture, but the ones I tried to take looked bad, so I stuck with sharing each component. So you’re seeing (in no particular order) green beans, which I sauteed with some olive oil and thyme; good organic stuffing from a bag, selected and prepared by Matt; a variation on Heidi Swanson’s kale and olive oil mashed potatoes (I couldn’t get any kale so I subbed in spinach); and a slice of really simple roasted turkey breast, and pie. Oh, and Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without beer. We’ve been going to this liquor store that lets you make your own six pack, so we’ve been sampling the seasonals. This was a particularly good one. I think I’ll be enjoying a pumpkin one later, with my pumpkin pie:


My first homemade pie, I’m pretty sure. I used a version of this recipe, which was modified from a recipe I found in my favorite cooking mag, Clean Eating. It looked a little thin at first, so I was nervous, but it seems to have set up nicely. I’ll let you know.

So there you have it: my very first attempt at preparing Thanksgiving. I had every intention of buying a cake or cupcakes (baby steps with the baking – I’ll bake a cake next time) to celebrate something else today, but things got in the way, so I’ll let the pie also serve as my celebratory dessert for that. After consulting my mom a few weeks ago, I confirmed that today, November 27, 2008, marks ten years since I was diagnosed with RA. My tenth arthritiversary, if you will. Having it fall on Thanksgiving has made me think a lot about having a chronic illness, and how, even as frustrating as it is, I can still be thankful that I have been able to manage it relatively well for the past few years. And if I could go back and talk to my tired, pain-ridden, sad, and overwhelmed 15-year old self in 1998, I would tell her to never give up; that it would be okay, and even better than okay. And knowing how far I’ve come since then is definitely something to be thankful for.

Other things to be thankful for? There are more than I can list, but here are a few: my awesome, amazing, and inexplicably understanding husband, who barely blinks when I ask him to bleach the kitchen again to kill mouse germs that probably don’t even exist; my family, old and new, for whom I am especially thankful now that I am so far away; my friends, all of them, everywhere; the fact that there are a handful of people who actually read this blog; going home in a month to see my family; college basketball; really good books; all five seasons of The Wire; the first three Die Hard movies, which I’ll watch this weekend to make me feel all Christmasy; seasonal beer; fair trade coffee; living somewhere with lots of local produce;
and the new mittens I got yesterday.

So now, I’m off to be thankful. And eat pie.

Edited to add!

The pie was awesome. That lemon peel really gives it something. The best part is the ginger snap crust – thanks to Matt for pounding a bag of ginger snaps with a hammer to make it all possible. I know what I’m having for breakfast.


2 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Sharon says:

    Glad you had a delicious tasty thanksgiving!

  2. Jenny says:


    Thanks! I’m really glad I didn’t completely ruin any of the food. I consider a fully edible first Thanksgiving to be a success.

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