Taking a break

I started seeing a physical therapist last week, and yesterday he gave me the order to take a break from exercise, at least until my next appointment. Usually, this would drive me nuts, but my knee is hurting enough that, for now, it feels like the right thing. Let’s see how long that attitude lasts.

Last night, Matt made dinner while I coached him from the couch. We had some whole wheat penne with turkey sausage, red peppers, and spinach. I had him stir in some goat cheese near the end, which made kind of a sauce without the effort of, you know, a sauce. Then we had some Parm on top. There’s never enough cheese.


Today was pretty low key, but I got a little stir crazy from sitting around, so Matt took me to Target. It was 60 degrees today, which is just totally insane, so I’m really glad I got to enjoy it for a few minutes. Then, we had an awesome time putting up our Christmas tree!  This is the fourth Christmas we’ve spent together, but we’ve never put up a normal-sized tree. We got it at Target after Christmas last year for $5.99 and it’s a little Charlie Brown, so I love it. A strand of lights, a box of silver ornaments, and a glass penguin later, and we’re officially in the spirit of the season. To celebrate, I made two of my favorite foods for dinner: roasted vegetables and barley risotto.


Nothing says winter like things that are warm and make the kitchen warm because they take 45 minutes to cook. I’m really excited about this risotto because, for the first time, I made it without using someone else’s recipe. I’ll post it sometime. For the vegetables, I just added a little bit of olive oil, pepper, and a pinch of rosemary.

And now it’s time to ice my knee and let the holiday festivities continue with the classic film Die Hard 2: Die Harder.


One Response to Taking a break

  1. alibrariangirl says:

    There’s never enought cheese? oh my goodness Amen!!

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