You say potato, I say frittata

I know you’ve all been wondering how the fasting went. It actually went much better than I expected, though I did dream about Odwalla bars (Sweet and Salty Almond, specifically). I made it through the full twelve hours, but there was a catch: I had to reschedule my appointment. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight and when I called the doctor to make sure everything was on schedule, a lovely woman completely freaked me out by telling me the roads were “much, MUCH worse than anyone would tell you” and strongly suggested that I reschedule. So all that fasting was for nothing. And I have to do it again Sunday night. The fun never ends.

I worked from home yesterday, so I should have had tons of time to make a complicated and beautiful dinner. Instead, I had leftover sweet potato and lentil chili. I may have added a little cheese and a few Red Hot and Blue chips.

Okay, fine. It was nachos. I had nachos. But there were sweet potatoes involved, so: healthy.

I had physical therapy this afternoon and he made me do about twenty million lunges and something really painful called a crab walk. Crabwalk? One word or two? Anyway, after that, I decided to try my luck at the gym tonight and I actually managed to drag myself there (on snowy roads, no less!) and did an easy thirty minutes on the elliptical. Not the most vigorous workout, but it was nice to get some activity in for the first time since last Thursday. I’m hoping to start with every other day and then work back up to my usual five a week. Hopefully he’ll give me the go ahead for running soon. Or at least walking.

While I was ellipticaling away, I kept thinking about potatoes, so when I got home, we made a frittata with some little red potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, thyme, salt and pepper, and swiss cheese. I think it may have been our best one yet.


After dinner, I rewarded myself for actually going to the gym by having a miniature Reese’s cup. And part of a cookie. And some soy cream. Hey, it’s the holidays.


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