Pretty darn quick

I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but we stayed completely on track with our meal plan for this entire week. I can’t remember the last time that happened. It usually falls apart around, oh, Tuesday.

I think the trick to this week’s success was that I carefully planned a menu of dinners that were super quick. Cookbooks like Vegetarian Times Fast and Easy and The PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Vegetarian Cookbook pretty much did my planning for me.

Last night, we had the greatest food on earth.

quinoa and mushroom skillet

quinoa and mushroom skillet

The recipe can be found here, and I highly recommend that you make it immediately and then again every day from now on. I even took some leftovers for lunch today and I never interrupt my peanut butter sandwich / hummus sandwich rotation.

Tonight’s meal was from PDQ.

hearty minestrone

hearty minestrone

Part of the reason this was pretty darn quick was that it called for frozen peas and carrots. Well, I couldn’t find a bag of just plain peas and carrots, so I picked up one that had carrots, peas, green beans, corn, and limas. Basically: even better. Add vegetable broth, a can of red kidney beans, and some acini de pepe, and you’ve got a pot of soup that will last at least a few meals. Brilliant.

And now, as a reward for how well we’ve stayed on track this week, we’re bundling up and going out in the freezing cold for dessert. That’s how committed I am to cake.


3 Responses to Pretty darn quick

  1. Sara K says:

    Sweet, and now I know what I’m preparing for dinner tomorrow: quinoa and mushroom skillet. Sounds a lot like my dish I prepared last week with a different grain and pasta. I, of course, will be adding garlic because everything tastes better with garlic.

  2. The cool sis says:

    Your neice just said “Mom, you’re never going to make Quinoa and Mushroom skillet, RIGHT?”

  3. Sharon says:

    Oh wow, super tasty eats! Love it!

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