It’s been way too long since I made brussels sprouts

Okay, Mark Bittman has officially redeemed himself in my eyes. This Bittman-inspired stir-fry was almost perfect:

"stir fry" with brussels sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, and chickpeas

"stir-fry" with brussels sprouts, sun-dried tomatoes, and chickpeas

What made this recipe less than perfect? The chickpeas were a little undercooked. What made this recipe awesome? Absolutely everything else.

These beans (like the ones that were in the disaster patties) are some that I quick-soaked and cooked on Sunday afternoon. I have approximately zero experience with this, so I don’t know for sure that I did it right. The chickpeas were tender at first, but then maybe I took them off the heat too early because they shrunk back up and got a little hard. Ideas? Thoughts?

Anyway, I qualify the stir-fry title with quotes because I actually used a lot more liquid than the recipe called for (and more than I would usually use in a stir-fry, too). This is because I really hate gummy dried tomatoes and I wanted them to plump up more (I firmly believe that gummy textures should be reserved for candy). So it was more like a stir-hard-simmer than a stir-fry. But, you get the idea. Good mix of textures and colors, and, extra firm chickpeas aside, the whole thing just melded really nicely.

Also, I love brussels sprouts so much it almost hurts.

We had another awesome meal on Monday, which was much-needed after Sunday night’s failure. I hesitate to show you this totally blurry and weird picture, but I had to take it really fast because the camera was dying and SOMEBODY unplugged the battery charger after about five seconds and never plugged it back in. MATT.

shrimp fra diavolo

shrimp fra diavolo

This was my first shrimp fra diavolo, and I don’t know where it’s been all my life. I made it extra special by serving it over quinoa, which the recipe I used (from Clean Eating) called for. This initially disappointed Matt, who expected pasta, or whatever. This followed soon after he realized that we don’t eat poultry anymore. He puts up with a lot, really. Good thing this tasted so good that he forgot about all the other stuff.

Last night, I was so super exhausted and exhilarated from two days of teaching that I kind of fell into the door frame when I came home. Matt made the executive decision that we would go out to eat and he promptly remedied his poultry deficit with some enchiladas suizas. I opted for the vegetarian fajitas, which, interestingly enough, also had a few pieces of chicken in them. Funny how that works. Luckily, Matt took them off my hands.

On an unrelated note, it was so nice here that I walked to and from work. I also walked to get coffee at lunch and actually felt… warm. It was so foreign.


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