Return of the packets

Okay, technically these are flounder and vegetable parcels, but let’s get real: chicken packets without the chicken. I also didn’t use flounder, so I think I can call this recipe whatever I want.

cod and vegetable packets over couscous

cod and vegetable packets (de-packeted and served over couscous

I did not love this food. Matt seemed to, which is great, but I thought it was bland. This is entirely my fault for not following the directions to the recipe and for forgetting to buy a lemon. I honestly think the lemon would have made all the difference.

Part of the problem for me was that this is a recipe best undertaken in a larger kitchen. Or at least one that has counters and/or a sink near the stove. There was a lot of carrying fish, calling Matt to help me, etc. I think that made me even more disappointed when the whole thing basically tasted like nothing to me. Maybe it was the substitution of cod for flounder? I don’t know. The seafood counter at my grocery store didn’t have flounder, so I looked for another firm white fish that was wild-caught in the US. This was the only one that fit the bill.

At least I had a really awesome Post-Arthritis Walk lunch today and a breakfast cafe a few blocks from our house. Vegetable and feta omelet plus fruit. And a bite of Matt’s french toast with caramel cream cheese topping. Yes, it was just as good as you’d imagine.

I think all of that, and the Lake Champlain 70% dark chocolate truffle I had as an afternoon snack (really a reward for being brave and cutting off all of my hair) really made up for any lack of dinner flavor.

But I’m still going to try the lemon next time.


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