Just quichey.

Yesterday afternoon I had a doctor’s appointment in Topeka, which meant that I got to take advantage of some big city shopping and dining. I mean, they have a Barnes and Noble there. With an entire shelf of vegetarian cookbooks. Including the PETA Vegan College Cookbook. Some groundbreaking stuff in there, people. There was a recipe for a peanut butter and banana sandwich that almost blew my mind. Did you even know you could do that?

Okay, enough making fun of PETA.

I didn’t buy any cookbooks, mostly to save money for dinner at RowHouse which was awe.some.

Do you like all the italics? I’m trying to kick things up a notch. It’s an extra button to push.

I tried to take a few pictures of our food at RowHouse, but it’s hard to do that stealthily in a restaurant that seats 35. So, here are the highlights:

main course: polenta lasagna with roasted tomatoes and spinach

main course: polenta lasagna with roasted tomatoes and spinach

I can’t wait to recreate this. It was really amazing.

teeny little coconut cakes

teeny little coconut cakes

Those were so good they almost make me want to start baking.

Not pictured: starter with fava bean spread and pickled cucumbers (which, to my surprise, did not taste at all like pickles); pesto vegetable soup (which rocked my face off); a glass of Malbec (meh – I don’t know why I try to branch out); and some coffee to fuel me for the drive home and the subsequent viewing of Terminator 2: Extreme Edition. I basically chugged it, because there were people sitting near us making me really uncomfortable by talking about stuff like trips to Dubai and how they’ve always wanted to go to South Africa for vacation and something about biking across the United States and staying in a hotel every night?

Anyway, I loved this restaurant and I can’t wait to go back. I give it an A. I feel weird saying this, but it was almost as good as Panzanella, the greatest restaurant in the continental US. And yes, I’ve tried them all. It pays to be so centrally located.

Anything I could have made tonight would be have been a bit of a letdown after that dinner. But, I think I did pretty well, in spite of things.

my first quiche

my first quiche

We had fresh spinach from the farmer’s market this morning, and half a dozen eggs, and since I just made frittata, I thought quiche would be a little something different. After all, it’s got milk in it. So that’s, you know, different. Plus, my pie dish needs a workout every now and again, since I don’t ever make pie.

This was crustless, essentially because I don’t bake and I am also lazy. I did a little research to figure out how to make quiche without a crust and I came up with this recipe from Slashfood, which worked nicely. I used garlicky spinach as my only vegetable (although next time I’ll need to kick it up because I always forget that spinach is like a magical disappearing vegetable that shrinks to about 1/180000000 of its original size when cooked) and swiss cheese again. It’s seasoned really simply with thyme and salt and pepper.

I don’t want to get everyone all excited, but I bought four different types of dried beans today, so look forward to some creative legume-work next week.


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