I guess Thursday night is pasta night, too.

I mean, even I get tired of beans sometimes.

I actually exercised tonight, even though I really kind of feel like the lower left quadrant of my back is going to explode at any moment. It’s swollen and sore and, I don’t know, maybe it’s because I just watched Aliens, but I really think there might be something growing back there.

I thought exercising might help, and it sort of did, but I felt kind of gross the whole time. Let this be a lesson: three cookies and a brownie, however small, do not a pre-workout snack make.

Afterwards, I really wanted something fast to cook, so I went with pasta. I also wanted to make a sauce that was different from my usual, and I really wanted to use the food processor again because Matt gets super annoyed about cleaning it. I did a chunky, spicy roasted red pepper -based sauce, pretty much this one with a lot of extra crushed red pepper. Ignore the rest of the recipe, because, while I do love a good lasagna roll-up, those involve things I don’t have to offer, like time and effort. So, you can feel free to mentally replace that whole first section with: “Cook boxed linguine according to package directions.” You could technically use something other than linguine, but I’d go with penne or something tough enough to handle a thicker sauce.

pasta is my #1 cheese vehicle

pasta is my #1 cheese vehicle

The sauce was really good and fresh-tasting, if a little bright for me. I think I might add some tomato paste next time, just for kicks. But the whole meal took about 15 minutes from start to finish, including the boiling of the pasta water, and that’s something I can get behind. The sauce itself takes about 15 seconds once you open up the required cans and dump their contents into a food processor. All I did was process until it was just slightly chunky and then pour into a sauce pan to heat.

Done and done.


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