Breaking the bank

Despite an unplanned visit to work first thing in the morning to fix something that came to my attention at 8am, this turned out to be a pretty nice Saturday. It was a rare sunny day in the midst of summer storm season, and it never got above 80 degrees.

And now that I’ve said that, it’s going to be 108 degrees and stormy for the rest of the summer.

But at least I’ll have my new favorite pizza to comfort me.

We started with this dough which actually lives up to its name. Plus, it has beer in it. That’s just brilliant. I was completely useless at spreading it, so I left that to Matt.

he did an excellent job

he did an excellent job

He’s much more patient than I am and doesn’t whine “It’s too sticky, it’s too sticky” while waving his hands around in the air, so I’m going to say he’s the new pizza chef.

good beer pizza starts with good beer

good beer pizza starts with good beer

That’s Breckenridge Brewery’s Agave Wheat. In case you thought it was AgBLINDINGWHITELIGHTve Wheat. Good for drinking, and also for pizza.

We topped it with some olive oil, tomato paste, freshly shredded mozzarella, red onion, mushrooms, and part of a red bell pepper.

I tried to have mine with a lovely chopped salad, but then a bug crawled out of it and I just couldn’t strike the image from my brain.

see that salad, looking so innocent?

see that salad, looking so innocent?

I thought the pizza was top notch, but Matt was a little disappointed in the lack of cheesy flavor. Mozzarella is too mild for his tastes, it seems.

Here’s the thing, though. We went to this little boutique market to buy the fresh mozzarella and some fancy pants tomato paste, so I don’t know that we saved much money on this. But let’s see.

the breakdown

2 cups all-purpose flour = $.75
1 cup (+ extra for patting out the dough) whole wheat flour = $.50
1 delicious Agave Wheat beer from a mix and match six pack = $1.25
1/3 tube tomato paste = $1.43
3 oz mozzarella = $2.68
1 red pepper = $.99
1/2 red onion = $.29
1/3 bag sliced mushrooms = $.96
and some pantry staples (olive oil, “pizza seasoning”)

grand total = $8.85

Okay, I stand corrected. This serves five-ish, so that’s only $1.77 per serving. Less than we pay for the pizza we get from a pizza place that misspells pizzeria on their sign.

And did I mention there’s beer in it? Yeah, I think I’ll stick with this one from now on.


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