Gratuitous birthday post.

I started a round of prednisone last week to take care of some lingering inflammation that I’ve been fighting with for a few months. I hate prednisone, but I haven’t had to take it in years, so I steeled myself for the gross taste and the general feelings of awful that come with it, but this time I only had two days of serious discomfort and since then it’s been like I’m Wonder Woman. I haven’t slept much at night but I also haven’t needed to take naps. And I stayed out until 11 or something on Friday night. Socially. Because I wanted to. It’s been kind of a mixed blessing for a birthday weekend, is what I’m saying. It’s also given me the energy to eat a lot of cupcakes. Or maybe that’s my true power source.

My birthday was perfect, and I followed through on the promise I made to myself to do only things I wanted to do. Also, bonus: I got to actually spend it with Matt. Last year, I went to a conference and spent my birthday getting leadership training, giving a presentation, and having a room full of 120 virtual strangers sing happy birthday to me. This year, I actually got to see my husband, who knows me well enough to have given me a purse with sharks on it, among other excellent presents. I also got to open packages from my in-laws, who are professional flat rate box packers the likes of which I’ve only seen from my mom.

All that, and pancakes, too.

that's supposed to be a 26

that's supposed to be a 26

Matt made the pancakes at my special request, as this is one of the many culinary skills I simply don’t possess. He used the Joy of Cooking recipe and I used my birthday powers to convince him to sub in part whole-wheat flour and then I was full of pancakes for something like six hours. I made a strawberry coulis with strawberries, lemon juice, honey, and tried really hard to put a 26 on my plate. Unfortunately, due to my selection of the worlds largest spoon, it looks like 2C. I know what it means.

We’d planned to go to Rowhouse again for dinner, because I loved it so much last time that I considered crying on the drive home, but then we got on the interstate and the car was trying to pull up its landing gear or something and we couldn’t even hear each other speak and it was wobbling a little, so we had to turn around. On the bright side, I am now mentally prepared for my flights to North Carolina next week. We ended up eating at my favorite place in town, which was excellent and included a dessert with pecan brittle and rum ice cream, so there’s pretty much nothing bad to say about that change of plans.

In order to save room for dessert, I brought home the rest of my trout and braised spinach and green beans with toasted almonds and had that tonight, along with that Corn and Edamame-Sesame salad that I was supposed to eat on Sunday. That’s a fine (and cheap) salad, and I think that “marinating” in the sesame dressing for two additional days probably just improved it.

I kept it light, to make room for more cupcakes.

I kept it light, to make room for more dessert.

And now, I’m off to round out my birthday weekend by addressing the critical question of second dessert. A coconut cupcake? A lemonade cupcake? A peanut butter and chocolate truffle? A peanut butter and chocolate truffle on a cupcake?


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