Back so soon?

Look at this! Here I am, posting again!

I’m feeling very productive and frugal tonight, as I actually got around to making another batch of homemade energy bars (based on Ellie Krieger’s, naturally). Honestly, I’m feeling a little nervous about them because this batch was much harder to spread than the first one, which makes me think that maybe, just maybe, throwing everything into my wee little food processor without even chopping things like almonds first wasn’t the best idea I’ve had recently.

But hey, it’s Monday. And I usually pay 4 dollars for 6 Kashi bars that have whole almonds, so this can’t be too far from that.

Anyway, I’m sure the food processor will recover, regardless of the horrific whir of death it gave towards the end of the whole deal.

So you can stop worrying.

Upwards and onwards! Last night I made zucchini lasagna sans noodles. Who needs them, really? A lot of fuss. I didn’t miss them at all.

noodles might, however, have provided structural integrity

noodles might, however, have provided structural integrity

It sort of looks like lasagna, right?

It did in the baking dish, I swear.

Looks aside, this was really fresh and flavorful. And almost painfully easy.

It all started with these…

farm fresh tomatoes

farm fresh tomatoes

The green ones you can sort of see are an heirloom cherry tomato called Aunt Ruby’s German and they are a lifestyle. My guy at the farmer’s market brings them specifically for me but they are insanely delicate and tend to crack and break and get really gross, really fast, so this time he sold me a whole bucket of them for $1.50 and I salvaged like 1/2 a pound. But they are so, so good.

Anyway, those became this…

a simmering pot of sauce

farm fresh tomato sauce

And, let me tell you, this was my first time making tomato sauce that does not involve cans of anything and it is so much better that it’s not even worth discussing but those tomatoes also really condense. I have this big dream in which I buy a dozen pounds of tomatoes at the farmers market and make little jars of sauce to last us through the winter. And then two dozen ears of corn and I cut off all the raw kernels and freeze them up and then one day in December I cry a little bit because I can put fresh corn in my chili. And in January we have spaghetti with red sauce that tastes like tomatoes.

But I’m sure everyone has dreams like that.

So, the little bit of tomato sauce I actually made went into the lasagna, layered with zucchini, sliced lengthwise, and then whatever cheese I could find. I think it was zucchini, sauce, cheese, zucchini, sauce, cheese, zucchini, cheese. If you’re taking notes. Then I baked it at 350 for 40 minutes, covered with foil, and uncovered at 375 for another 15 or so.

And while it’s a simple dish, it took me a really long time to slice the zucchini just so and layer and cook and all of that, so tonight we opted for something simpler to showcase these awesome oyster mushrooms Matt got at the farmer’s market.

stir fry

stir fry

Tofu, cubed and fried, tossed with a stir fry of green beans, oyster mushrooms, and rice sticks. And some sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, garlic, and ginger.

Something smells wholesome. I better go check on those energy bars.


2 Responses to Back so soon?

  1. Foodie32 says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog. Just found it today. Beautiful photography, fun writing style and great sounding recipes.

    I wanted to comment on this post in particular because of the comments about dreaming of making jars of tomato sauce and cutting the kernels off a bunch of corn and freezing it for the winter. ME TOO!

    Very funny.

  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Foodie! Your blog is great, too – I’ll have to try out some of your restaurant recommendations next time I’m in KC!

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