Soup for the sick

Well, we were completely cable-free for less than 24 hours and then I got sick.


I think you know the answer to that.

Tonight I was feeling well enough to cook again, and, true to form, I had to make soup. When I’m sick, I make soup. Actually, that’s not entirely true. Sometimes I branch out and make stew. But tonight I wasn’t feeling very adventurous.

evertyhing but the crisper drawer soup

everything but the crisper drawer soup

Soup is good when you’re not 100% because it’s so easy.

Basically, I sauteed all the vegetables I had left from last Saturday’s farmer’s market – some carrots, a red pepper, and a zucchini. I added some stock, some water, a few bay leaves, some salt, some pepper, and brought to a boil. I simmered the vegetables in the liquid for 15 minutes and then added 1 1/2 cups of frozen, thawed red kidney beans and 1/3 cup of ancini de pepe and brought to a hard simmer until the pasta was cooked, about 5 minutes. I took out the bay leaves and added some thyme and oregano at the end because it was a little bland.

Now I’m contemplating freezing some portions but I’m getting conflicting information from the internet on freezing soups with pasta. The internet can be so confusing sometimes. Thoughts? Advice?


One Response to Soup for the sick

  1. littlesparrowknits says:

    Aw, boo! This must be the week of everyone getting sick. Hope you’re back to 100% soon!

    I’ve never frozen soup, so I have no advice. : ( Your soup looks tasty, though. I ate chicken noodle soup out of a can for 3 days straight while I was sick. Yesterday morning, I woke up and I was totally puffy and freakish looking from all the salt! Kudos for being much healthier and making it from scratch.

    Wow, I am over-sharing about my salt intake on the internet.

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