I have a new personal chef.

So, I’ve been trying to jump on the party bus and get into Mad Men like the rest of the world, but after the first few episodes of season one, I’m less than impressed. We were watching an episode the other day during which a young newlywed’s wife called him at the office to see what he wanted for dinner and I don’t remember his exact response but I think it was something along the lines of “I don’t care, little woman. I hate all members of your sex, and so do my colleagues.” But then, he turns to one of those colleagues and is all zen and calm in his realization that dinner’s going to be waiting for him when he gets home. And then I wanted to throw something at the tv and yell “Chauvinist!” but it was after 10:00 and there’s a noise ordinance.

But then tonight I came home from work and Matt had dinner just coming out of the oven (there were literally 9 seconds left on the timer, it was beautiful) and I ate it and I couldn’t help but think that maybe there’s something to this whole “dinner on the table” thing after all. That something being that my husband is awesome. And I love crispy things with cheese. And the fact that we don’t actually have a table on which dinner can be waiting doesn’t detract from either of those things.

beery flatbread pizza

beery cheesy flatbread

We talked last night about tag-teaming some pizza with that super easy dough we used a few months back, but Matt got all industrious while I was at work and somehow telepathically knew I was exhausted and didn’t really want to do my part, so he found a different beer dough recipe (he can’t remember from where) (ETA: he corrected me – he found it from the Google. He suggests searching “pizza dough from beer”), used up some cheese we had languishing in the refrigerator (colby jack I think), and made an experimental flatbread pizza. I thought it was delicious, like a whole pizza made of crust, which is my favorite part. Matt, ever the critic of his own culinary ventures, thought it tasted like “stale cheese toast.” If this is stale cheese toast, I’d like a few hundred pieces, please.

The cucumber and tomato salad on the side was all me, though. I made it last night as a topping for another Matt-made meal, from the newest issue of Vegetarian Times. The recipe isn’t up on their site yet, but I’ll add it when it is.

chickpea croquettes with greek salad topping

chickpea croquettes with greek salad topping

I was really sore and tired yesterday, and I was thisclose to going out to dinner, but I’m glad we didn’t because this was way better. Plus, we went all over town looking for chickpea flour that didn’t cost $7.99 a pound. We finally found a decent-sized bag for $2.99 at the international grocery store, where the woman working behind the counter took a break from clipping her toenails to ring us up.

I’m not even kidding.

Anyway, this was probably my favorite new recipe I’ve tried in the past few weeks, and I can’t wait to make these croquettes again. Or, more accurately, have Matt make them again. They also make a delightful lunch, served cold with the salad – they’re super filling without being heavy. However, store them in an airtight container because a plastic bag is no match for that much cumin. I learned that lesson for you.

Okay, so, level with me. Is the first season of Mad Men really worth my time? Because my time is precious. There are literally hundreds of DVDs in my Netflix queue vying for my attention.


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