September 14, 2008

What a day. I recently introduced Matt to the The Spoon Theory, which is a really interesting and, to me, pretty apt metaphor for day to day life with a lame chronic illness. We’ve been using it a lot around the house. Basically, I have a limited number of “spoons” every day. So, this morning, I used up all of my spoons doing four loads of laundry and then running a few other errands, got home at noon and immediately had to get back in bed. I’m going to blame it on the change of season we’re experiencing, but my fatigue has been out of control for the past few days, and nothing seems to help it. I was in and out of bed for most of the day, but miraculously managed to go to a class at the gym, which helped temporarily.

I wanted a really carby dinner so that I could help convince my body that sleeping all the way through the night was an awesome idea. Mondays are hard enough without waking up six times the night before. So, we had spaghetti with eggplant and zucchini marinara. The most exciting part: I finally got eggplant to taste like food instead of, I don’t know, shoes. I did some research and had Matt do the prepwork while I was at the gym. He diced the eggplant and salted it for 15 minutes, then rinsed. It cut the bitterness way down. And brought the deliciousness level way up.

Donna taught me how to make marinara back in the spring, and I should’ve written down her method because it was really good. Now, I kind of improvise based on what I remember. Tonight, I cooked the zucchini and eggplant pieces until soft over medium-high heat. Then I added tomato paste (~1 tbsp, I think) and stirred that around for a minute or two. Then came a can of crushed tomatoes. When that heated through, I added a few tablespoons of dry white wine, cooked until it evaporated, added some rosemary and called it done.

I also had a salad with mixed greens, a Cherokee Purple tomato, about 1/4 of a big cucumber (thanks, Livia!), some feta, and a quick lemon vinaigrette.

I took the pictures on the stove, sorry they look extra weird.

Oh, this nut butter discovery of mine is going to be a problem. Today I found some raw cashews in the refrigerator, immediately made cashew butter, and it seems to have mysteriously disappeared. And I feel extra full. SUSPICIOUS.