May 5, 2009

This was probably the messiest, cheesiest, most ridiculously good frittata I’ve made.

like pizza, but with eggs. actually, pizza with eggs sounds really good right now.

like pizza, but with eggs. actually, pizza with eggs sounds really good right now.

It was supposed to be a linguine/mushroom/basil fritatta from a cookbook I got at the library this weekend, but the pasta pot was dirty and I was too lazy to clean it. Plus, Matt convinced me that my normal frittata, sans pasta, was excellent enough on its own. Which means that he also didn’t want to clean it. So, we had a mushroom and swiss frittata.

It was simple: 10 oz of sliced mushrooms, cooked in olive oil in a cast iron skillet over medium for a few minutes; 4 eggs and 2 egg whites (fresh eggs from the farmer’s market; awesome); some random pizza seasoning that I have from the pizza soup I made months ago. When I make my frittatas, I cook the vegetables, add the eggs, cook over medium-low for about 10 minutes, then add cheese and throw the whole thing under the broiler for 5 minutes.

I added so much cheese this time that the whole thing was covered with a nice sheen. It was like eating at a Mexican restaurant.  So I guess I managed to have a little bit of Cinco de Mayo without the  chips, the effort of driving, the fried ice cream, and the 12 hours in a fetal position whispering, “Why couldn’t I say no to the ice cream.”

Now I really want some ice cream.


Tuesday night is pasta night

April 14, 2009

Actually, Tuesday night is yoga night, but that means it’s also pasta night (yoga is long and pasta is fast). Plus, once when I was visiting, my mom checked out this cookbook for me and I thought the title was snappy.

So, tonight while I was at my (awesome) 90 minute yoga class, Matt cooked dinner. I gave him strict instructions for one of our favorites, pasta with white beans and greens. His version was better than any of mine, so I guess he’s now officially our pasta chef. Also, he speaks Italian, so it seems natural.

pasta e fagioli

pasta e fagioli

We had an extra long svasana tonight at yoga, so I’m too lazy to type up the recipe. Instead, look at this pretty frittata I made yesterday.

easter eggs (one day late)

easter eggs (one day late)

This one had caramelized yellow onion, red bell pepper, spinach, and goat cheese. Oh, and the eggs. All served with a generous helping of Gilmore Girls (season four; before Rory turned to the dark side).


February 5, 2009

I forgot to blog again. Sorry. I’ve been so preoccupied with getting sick (college towns are gross and germy) and then having to deal with the fact that my hair has crossed that incredibly fine line between just long enough and too long, and now it keeps getting stuck under the shoulder strap of my work bag and it’s just so annoying and I have to yank it from under the strap and it’s painful and time-consuming, etc.

Clearly, it is past my bedtime. But you know what I’m talking about with the hair thing, right?

Last night we had this soup, which I credit with my full recovery from whatever illness I picked up.

soup, salad, crackers

soup, salad, crackers

This made a lot of soup. A lot. I even took some to work for lunch today, which was A HORRIBLE MISTAKE as it semi-exploded in the microwave and I had to clean it up and then I burned the better part of my mouth, throat, and esophagus eating it. And then my spoon broke, but I was short on time and I was shoveling couscous soup in my mouth with the broken bowl of my spoon and… I should have had a peanut butter sandwich.

After work, we went shopping for dishes to round out our wedding registry set, courtesy of my awesome aunt who both shares and supports my dish habit (thanks again!).

While we were at the mall, I may or may not have also ruined my appetite shoving as many Trolli Strawberry Puffs in my mouth at one time as I could. Luckily, I have a lot of training in this kind of thing, so I soldiered on and made this tasty frittata with our leftover broccoli.

broccoli & cheddar frittata

broccoli & cheddar frittata

I was going to post the recipe, but, let’s face it: I’ve already stopped making sense. It’s pretty easy. I’ll try to post it another time.

But not tomorrow, because I’m going out.

You say potato, I say frittata

December 17, 2008

I know you’ve all been wondering how the fasting went. It actually went much better than I expected, though I did dream about Odwalla bars (Sweet and Salty Almond, specifically). I made it through the full twelve hours, but there was a catch: I had to reschedule my appointment. We got a couple of inches of snow overnight and when I called the doctor to make sure everything was on schedule, a lovely woman completely freaked me out by telling me the roads were “much, MUCH worse than anyone would tell you” and strongly suggested that I reschedule. So all that fasting was for nothing. And I have to do it again Sunday night. The fun never ends.

I worked from home yesterday, so I should have had tons of time to make a complicated and beautiful dinner. Instead, I had leftover sweet potato and lentil chili. I may have added a little cheese and a few Red Hot and Blue chips.

Okay, fine. It was nachos. I had nachos. But there were sweet potatoes involved, so: healthy.

I had physical therapy this afternoon and he made me do about twenty million lunges and something really painful called a crab walk. Crabwalk? One word or two? Anyway, after that, I decided to try my luck at the gym tonight and I actually managed to drag myself there (on snowy roads, no less!) and did an easy thirty minutes on the elliptical. Not the most vigorous workout, but it was nice to get some activity in for the first time since last Thursday. I’m hoping to start with every other day and then work back up to my usual five a week. Hopefully he’ll give me the go ahead for running soon. Or at least walking.

While I was ellipticaling away, I kept thinking about potatoes, so when I got home, we made a frittata with some little red potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, thyme, salt and pepper, and swiss cheese. I think it may have been our best one yet.


After dinner, I rewarded myself for actually going to the gym by having a miniature Reese’s cup. And part of a cookie. And some soy cream. Hey, it’s the holidays.

I don’t know if you can tell, but we really like chili.

December 7, 2008

This new WordPress is fancy. I hope I can figure it out.

What’s with my weekends being less than relaxing lately? Last night I was nursing a really painful swollen knee and trying to read through the pain when I heard a familiar scratching sound. In our bedroom wall. So. gross. Let’s hope it goes away quietly and there aren’t any more rodent run-ins.

I’m refusing to live in fear this time around, though, so I did manage to cook dinner. We had a bunch of pesto leftover from our pasta the other day, so I decided to use it. So, we ended up having chicken chili with pesto.


I was a little nervous but this turned out really well. So well that I even packed some of it for my lunch tomorrow, which never happens.

We went grocery shopping today for the first time since before Thanksgiving. It was beautiful. Matt tried to convince me that we could go for a few more days, but I was out of ginger snaps, so that wasn’t happening. Plus, last night I used up the last of our acceptable foods to make breakfast for dinner:


That’s a spinach and goat cheese frittata with sweet potato “home fries.” Kind of a stretch, I know.

Other food- and drink-related highlights from the last few days include: mushroom and goat cheese pizza for dinner before our final class event of the semester, new  Trader  Joe’s  gingerbread coffee that came in the mail as an early Christmas gift, and a big piece of delicious ice cream cake.

And now I’m off to watch some basketball, clean, eat ginger snaps, and otherwise avoid acknowledging that it’s Sunday night.

Master See Food.

November 13, 2008

So, that medication has basically taken over my life. I haven’t slept for more than a couple of hours in the past three nights, so I’m tired and fairly out of it and, really, overall, just in a fine mood.

One highlight of the last few hazy days has been watching Kung Fu Panda. It. Was. Awesome. I especially loved the cute little kung fu master, Master Shifu. I’ve asked Matt to call me Master See Food from now on, in homage.

Last night I was so busy watching that and icing my knee and having a headache that I didn’t post our dinner. Here’s what it looked like


It was a super-hearty potato/mushroom/spinach/gruyere frittata. With some toast and a little salad on the side. It was so good and so fast that we may be having another one tomorrow, as we’re going to be pressed for time in between work and a basketball game. Sorry for the lame picture. Have I mentioned that I’m not really sleeping?

Tonight was a spur-of-the-moment meal, kind of a variation on pasta/white bean/tomato dishes I’ve made before, but much faster.


That’s polenta with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, cannellini beans, and parm. That’s basically the recipe. Cook the polenta. Throw in the spinach about a minute before it’s done. Add some (rehydrated) chopped sun-dried tomatoes, a can of cannellini beans (rinsed and drained). Add cheese. I didn’t measure. Let’s say a lot. Cook over low until heated through. Add salt, pepper, some lemon juice, and some roasted garlic. Serve with more cheese.

The next three days are going to be a little insane, with a busy day at work tomorrow followed by a busy weekend of shopping and eating and an out of town 5k. If I don’t get a chance to post tomorrow, I’ll be back on Sunday with all of the gory details, hopefully including pictures of me simultaneously freezing and sweating to death during the 5k. I got this hat that has some kind of body heat reactive technology that’s supposed to hold in your heat to keep you warm and, let’s just say, it works a little too well.

I don’t feel very chatty.

July 22, 2008

I’m in a mood, but I know if I don’t post then my mom gets “curious” (read: nervous) about whether or not I ate dinner. So, here’s dinner:

Frittata with red potato, tomato, green pepper, spinach, and goat cheese; salad with tomato, more goat cheese, walnuts; bread.

I think I might have an Edy’s fruit bar, too. I just don’t know. I’ve had to make too many decisions today.