Ahead of the game.

June 25, 2009

This afternoon, one of my co-workers offered to cover my evening shift and I thought about it for about negative point five seconds before I said yes.

That meant that I came home to an already prepared dinner and I got to sit around reading for an hour before the NBA draft, luxuriating in the fact that I didn’t have to cook anything. This must be what it feels like to be prepared.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I couldn’t handle all that excess time, so I filled it by cooking dinner for tomorrow. It’s kind of a sickness. In my defense, though, I’ll only have about 20 minutes to prepare and consume dinner tomorrow, so it’s good that I got it off my plate. Now I can use that entire time to savor the Corn and Edamame-Sesame Salad from Veganomicon.

Anyway, the Smitten Kitchen-inspired peanut sesame noodles turned out well, except that I forgot to toast the sesame noodles and toss them in. Oh well. I toasted some extra for tomorrow’s dinner, just to make up for it.

soba + veggies + tofu + peanut sauce over spinach

soba + veggies + tofu + peanut sauce over spinach

The love I have for peanut butter cannot be described. I like other nut and seed butters – almond, cashew, pecan, sunflower, what have you – but peanut butter is my desert island food. Still, I was a little nervous about how thick the sauce would get with as much peanut butter as the recipe indicated, so I cut it down a good bit, to about 3T. I’ll have a few spoonfuls from the jar later to make up for the deficit.

the breakdown

8 oz soba noodles = $2.79
1 red bell pepper = $.99
2 carrots = $.15
3T peanut butter = $.32
1T sesame oil = $.40
and some pantry staples (crushed red pepper, rice vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, ground ginger)

grand total = $4.65

Four servings at $1.16 a serving. I’m kicking myself for paying $10+ for various versions of this dish at restaurants. Curses! I had mine over spinach again (it’s still really hot out and it was on the verge of wilting. Actually, so am I).

On this side: my new favorite summer treat.

any day over 95 calls for a shandy

any day over 95 calls for a shandy

Our recipe: mix equal parts beer and lemonade in a pitcher. Chill. Enjoy. We used High Life and Country Tyme, but you might not be as classy. That’s fine. Just make sure it’s a beer that’s lighter in color, like a wheat beer or some kind of lager-style beer. I could have the lemonade myself but that’s like 3 extra steps, and I’ve had a long week.


Crispy, Crunchy, Peanut Buttery…

June 18, 2008

…stir fry.

This was good. Tofu, rice noodles, carrots, peppers, snap peas, cauliflower, and mushrooms. In peanut sauce.

It looks gross, but it wasn’t. I promise.

I feel like I say that a lot. Hmmm.

I took the afternoon off, and I think I’m more tired than I would have been if I’d just stayed at work. We went to the laundromat, got our announcements printed, got food for dinner, and came home to cook and eat. Oh, I also did noon yoga, which is my new favorite thing. Crane pose, I will conquer you!


Maybe not. It actually reminds me of the “tripod” that we did in dance class when I was five, which I couldn’t do and which haunted me for years.

After dinner, some friends came over and we practiced wedding hair and played a little Wii. My head looks funny right now. But it looked nice before. So, we’ll see.

Miss Wrap Supreme

May 27, 2008

We just enjoyed some lettuce wraps while watching Miss Rap Supreme. I know it’s not a good idea to eat in front of the television, but when you don’t have a table, options are kind of limited.

This is “soba” vegetable salad lettuce wraps with chicken “sate.” Lots of air quotes because I broke a  few rules. For instance, those are not soba noodles. Soba noodles were 4.69 for 12 ounces. Whole wheat spaghetti was 1.89 for 12 ounces. Decision? Made. Also, this chicken sate was supposed to be in skewer form but we don’t have a grill pan or any other pan in which to effectively cook skewered meat.

Either way, it was great. I also made some spicy peanut dipping sauce for my serving, which was a delight. I’m really getting the hang of that stuff.

I also had a cookie. I’ve been starving all afternoon, which I trace back to cranking the Arc Trainer up to resistance 50 this morning. I’m surprised I lived to tell about it. I’m sure lots of my fellow gym-goers have also been telling about it, because really, my sweat level was obscene.

Speaking of sweating, I think it’s time to go log a few minutes with the Wii Fit so it won’t act all disappointed in me for skipping a few days.

We’ve all seen this before

May 8, 2008

This has been a long week, and it’s not quite over yet. To comfort myself in my time of need, I made a big bowl of whole wheat pasta with roasted tomatoes and zucchini, sauteed spinach, chicken breast, and goat cheese (which is creamier and melts better than the feta I usually use).

I don’t like to brag, but it was awesome. I’m sure Matt will agree when he gets home tonight.

Last night, I made some chicken, veggie, and rice noodle lettuce wraps. It was my first stab at peanut sauce, and it worked out surprisingly well. Here’s a really crappy picture of round one.

There were two or three rounds. I wanted to use up the lettuce I bought at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, because it looked a little dodgy. I meant to save some of it for Matt, but it was too good. To make up for it, I took him to buy the second issue of Secret Invasion (in case you didn’t know – it’s the crossover event of the year) when he got home from work.

We’re going out of town tomorrow, and I’m really hopeful that the magical cleaning fairies will visit our apartment (specifically the refrigerator) while we’re gone. For now, I’m just enjoying Top Chef and really wanting to eat some wedding cake. At some point in the next hour or so, I guess I’ll start on the endless pile of dishes that lives in the sink.* See you in a few days.

*or, obsessively check my bank account to see if my stimulus check is there yet.