Hue-faux rancheros

June 29, 2009

One of the gifts I got in my birthday package from my in-laws was an issue of Eating Well magazine, which had a “fast weeknight dinners” section. I’m a sucker for a fast weeknight dinner, and I had a bag of pinto beans to cook, so their recipe for huevos rancheros caught my eye. The only issue for me with huevos rancheros is that I hate hate hate fried eggs. They gross me out beyond explanation. But, I’m good with eggs in many other forms, so I subbed in scrambled. An abomination? Maybe. Delicious? Yes.

the colors in this picture are kind of insane

the colors in this picture are kind of insane

Besides the different style of eggs and the use of red salsa in place of green, I didn’t do much to modify their recipe. I even dutifully served it with rice and avocado, as suggested.

the breakdown

1.5 cups of pinto beans (@ .99/lb dried) = $.25
8 sprouted corn tortillas = $2.46
1/2 jar salsa = $1.35
4 large eggs = $.83
sharp cheddar cheese = $.20
cilantro = $.10
1 cup rice = $.74
1/2 avocado = $.65

grand total= $6.58

A semi-respectable $1.65 for each of the four servings. Interestingly, more than they indicate it should be. It must be those sprouted corn tortillas. On the pricey side, but they just crisp up so nicely.


I am clumsy.

July 7, 2008

Okay, so we had a nice little mini-honeymoon/celebration of Matt’s birth in Lawrence, which involved more food than it probably should have. Good food. But a lot. But a mini-honeymoon comes around, what, once every… month or so?

Anyway, after all the wedding/conference/birthday/Matt’s birthday/mini-honeymoon eating, I was all prepared to come back home and get back into my exercise and healthy(ish) eating routine and then I tripped while putting on some shorts yesterday afternoon and stubbed my toe so hard that I couldn’t walk for a few hours. So, being the smart and healthy person that I am, I skipped the gym and ate cake instead!

This morning I happened to notice that my toe was gray. Oops. I hobbled to work and called the doctor, who did some x-rays and things. Turns out it’s not broken! Just badly bruised! Sweet! But I can’t bend it and it looks really gross. Seriously. My doctor actually said “eww.” Needless to say, I was advised against kickboxing. I can’t exercise for 48-72 hours, and even then, I’m supposed to do the stationary bike until it fully heals. I loathe the stationary bike. I guess this is why you shouldn’t walk and put on shorts at the same time. This morning while I was getting ready for work, Matt yelled “STAND STILL,” just as a reminder.

But enough about me!

Just kidding. This whole blog is about me.

It was really hot today and we had almost no groceries, so we threw together this Mexican Pasta Salad, from Moosewood Low-Fat Favorites, which I picked up for 8 bucks in Lawrence. I love all things Moosewood, and this was no exception. Light but filling and if I’d only been able to resist the cookies I had afterwards, it would have been a really healthy end to my day.


I need to go ice my gimp toe now.

Stress eating

June 12, 2008

Last night, I was in a great mood because I was elated by the outcome of Top Chef and the fact that Matt brought home cupcakes with sprinkles on the icing and then the tornado sirens went off again. we’d been in a watch all afternoon but apparently that’s normal for June, though I think “normal” is a complicated word in this context. It was an advance warning, so we had time to run to Donna’s so that we could take cover in her basement.

It was just like last week except that, this time, the tornado came through our town. This is the first time in 30 years? More than that? I don’t know. The first time in a long time, at any rate. We are safe, and our house and car are fine, but there’s damage everywhere. The tornado, which was more than 1/4 mile wide when it got here, touched down three times in town, including once on campus, where it caused more than 20 million dollars in damage. We weren’t able to work today, which was good because I’m in a fragile state of mind. I went to the gym a few hours ago and it was kind of surreal, like you’re driving and it looks like there was a really bad storm, branches everywhere, that kind of thing. And then suddenly it’s 10,000 times worse and you can actually see, in a very clear line, how the tornado moved through, taking off roofs and things like that. There’s metal everywhere, and insulation from houses, and trees and power lines down. It’s… I don’t know.

So I needed a comforting dinner. I also needed something filling because I did a “Rep Recycle” class at the gym which made me feel basically like a puke bucket should’ve been included on the list of equipment needed for the class, along with a step, two sets of weights, a mat, and a barbell. Seriously. That’s a lot of equipment. And I’m clumsy. So I needed this

I had a better picture but I accidentally deleted it and by that time things didn’t look very photogenic. Here’s a stuffed baked potato with some ground turkey breast, salsa, a little cheddar, and some sour cream. Kale chips and broccoli on the side. Multiply that serving by two because I went back to finish off the veggies.

I’m off to try to relax now.

Nacho salad

March 28, 2008

I threw two of the best foods in the world together in a big bowl and called it dinner:


It’s a massive amount of lettuce, some leftover black bean salsa from taco night heated up with a little cheese, and a few blue corn and flaxseed chips (Target) thrown in. Mostly because I really like when chips absorb things and get all soggy. Also, I heard flax makes you really happy and has other health benefits. Clearly, I could use some health benefits.

This was kind of light for dinner, probably because I spent the afternoon eating candy and almond butter from the jar. Halfway through, I got inspired and added a third component to nacho salad: bulgur!


Sometimes, you just have to throw caution to the wind.

Note that this salad was so massive that my normal bowls couldn’t accommodate it, so I had to serve myself in a small mixing bowl.

I had all kinds of good intentions to make a delicious soup for dinner tonight, but I still don’t feel well, and after working for most of the day, including standing for two hours while talking to disinterested high school students, I really wasn’t up for it. So, I took the easy way out. I’ll get to the soup sometime. Hopefully before the pears go bad.

Tonight, we did something pretty exciting: we left the house on a Friday night, and it wasn’t even to go to Target. We went to Donna’s, where we contributed to a tray of pretty skewers for a baby shower:


We made the ones on the left. In exchange for some fancy homemade hot chocolate. Did you know that some people don’t use the packets? I know. Weird.

The excitement of “going out” on a Friday night has taken its toll on my 108 year old inner self, and I’m going to bed. I skipped all exercise today, as per my doctor’s strong suggestion, and it just made me feel nervous. I’ll have to work something in tomorrow. Maybe a heavy session of Wii Sports.